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Active Games & Events

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Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunts


It is a exciting new way to bring groups of people together for a fun day! It will involve problem solving, photography, location exploration, interesting tasks and code scanning.

Laser Tag Gun Rentals
Laser Tag


Have a great time blasting your coworkers and friends.  Used by military groups to train their soldiers.  Play just for fun or incorporate full Team Building options into the day.

Active Corporate Game Rentals
The Move Stations

Use our glowing controllers to control the onscreen action.  Perfect tracking makes you feel like you are in the game.  A wide variety of action and sports titles are available.

Kinect Games Rentals
Kinect Stations

The Kinect camera tracks and scans your entire body and your movement.  Control the action on the Big Screen!  It is great to get everybody up and moving at your event.

DDR Game Rentals
Dance Dance Revolution Station (DDR)

Follow the arrows on the screen and tap out the music on our large metal controllers. This game is easy to play and FUN to master.  It is a blast to play with a colleague or friend.

Green Screen Game Rentals
The Eye Stations

Control the onscreen action with your body.  It comes with a wide variety of games to get everyone into the fun.  The Eye games range from puzzles to sports action.

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