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Racing Simulators

State-of-the-Art Driving Excitement!
These always Draw in the Crowds!  We have Several Versions depending on your Budget.

Our Racing Simulators are simply state-of-the-art.  You will feel every bump and crash through the 1500 watt tactile feedback system.  The force-feedback wheels give you all the jolts and jerks you would feel in a real race.  The Sparco racing seats will cradle you as you whip around corners.  Built in 5.1 Dolby surround immerses your senses in the race environment.  The ultra-large 50" plasma screens will make you believe you are in a racing cockpit.  Our simulators are rented in pairs to enhance the experience by allowing side-by-side racing with your coworkers and friends.  For the ultimate experience you can rent a three-screen version of our simulators.  You will get a full 180-degree view of the track.  It truly has to be seen to be believed.  We have Several Versions of Racing Simulators.  Give us a call and we can find which Suits your Needs Best.

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