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Simulator VR Events

Escape Room Rental
Escape Room Mobile 


Gather the clues and codes with your team to Escape the Room before time runs out!  Fantastic props, actors and an immersive sound track make this a must have for your event.

VR Rentals
Virtual Reality 


Put on the headsets and you are instantly transported into a new world!  We run a wide variety of games for all age groups.  Blue Tech runs high end PCs to give you a smooth experience.

Racing Simulator Rentals
Racing Simulators


Jump into our Large Racing Sims to experience the full feel of the track.  Race side by side with your coworkers and friends on the same virtual tracks.

Golf Simulator Rentals
Golfing Simulators


Our Inflatable Cage makes it so you can Golf Indoors!  Use real clubs to crush the ball into submission.  A wide variety of courses that will impress your guests.

Flight Sim Full Motion Simulator
Flight Simulators

Take to the skies in our pair of Flight sims.  You will feel each missile strike in your seat as you avoid enemy fire.  You and a fellow pilot can dogfight or fly joint missions together.

Fishing Simulator Rentals
Fishing Simulator

Cast your Virtual Lure and see if you can land the Big One!  Our Rod & Reel system gives you the Feedback of an Actual Fish on the Line.  Move your Reel back and forth to wear down your Prize.

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