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Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunt

Fantastic Fun Team Building Event for All Size Groups!
The hunts can be set up anywhere.  They can be played using both Android and Apple devices. 

The Scavenger Hunts are customized for each event.  They can be tied in with your company or event theme.  Clues can be marked via GPS or players will need to locate the puzzles with directions.  Players will also answer questions based on pictures and hints.  Each clue is assigned different points based on its difficulty.  Questions can be set up to send pictures back to the Scavenger Hunt Instructor and team to be judged.  Match pictures with image-based clues to solve various puzzles.  Special QR codes can be hidden around the play area.  These QR codes must be located and scanned with the player’s device to earn points.  Augmented Reality clues appear to float on top of a wall only when you look through your smart phone. 

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