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Fun Events

Arcade Classics Rental
Arcade Classics

Play 100+ Arcade Classics on one station.  Play and be set up on a 50" Plasma all the way up to a giant 16' diagonal screen.  All age groups love this setup.

Kart Racing Fun.jpg
Kart Racing

Race around our custom track against your competition.  Who can get the fastest lap times using our laser timing system?  Karts have the sound of a V8 and are a blast to drive!

RC Tank Battles Rentals
Tank Battle

Six players can battle it out with our Laser Tanks.  Each time your tank gets hit it shakes violently and explodes with light and sound fx.  Will your team emerge from the town alive?

RC Flight Simulator Rentals
Radio Controlled Flight

Did you ever see anyone flying a R/C Plane or Helicopter and say I wish I could try that?  Now you can without the expense of 50 crashed vehicles.  Easy to pickup and fun to master.

Arcade Cabinet Rentals
Arcade Cabinets

We have a variety of Arcade Cabinets.  Our inventory is always changing.  Just give us a call and we will let you know what we have to choose from.

Special FX Makeup
Make Up Stations

Are you looking for a unique way to add interest to your event?  We can create detailed characters for a theme or set up quick-creation stations for large groups.

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