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Photo & Video Events

Green Screen Photography
Green Screen Photo Studio


Transport your guests anywhere in the world... or out of it.  We can do Magazine Covers, Movie Posters and Party-Themed Backgrounds.  Pesonalized 5x7" framed keepsakes in minutes!

Graffiti Wall Rental
Digital Graffiti Wall

It feels and sounds like Spray Paint....  Our Graffiti wall lets everyone have a blast modifying their photos.  Logos and text can be added to each shot.  Everyone gets a framed 5x7" pic.

Photo Booth Rentals
Touch Booth


A new kind of Photo Booth that can upload to social media, create Green Screen images, take photos and videos and much more!

Social Media Wall Slideshow
Instagram/Twitter Wall


Your guests take pictures and they majically show up on the big screen.  You can add a print station so they can take it home.  We can also take pictures and add them to your mix.

Outdoor Movie Rentals
Outdoor Movies

There is nothing like the fun of watching an Outdoor Movie.  Our large Stadium Speakers provide big-theatre sound along with our colorful HD Projectors make for a great evening!

Video Mapping Rental
Video Mapping

Transform any shaped surface into a work of art.  We customize your video to match your event theme.  We can run multiple video feeds from one high powered projector.

Interactive Video Floor or Wall
Interactive Video Wall/Floor

Imagine making your Floors or Walls an interactive station at your next party.  We can custom create a variety of experiences to match the theme with your pictures and logos. 

Mobile Print App Station

We set up a High Speed Printer/Network, then download a special app and you get FUN!  Your guests get pictures with custom text and frames at our Picture Stations.

Movie Quotes Station Rentals
Movie Quotes

Bring your Acting Skills with you!  We have 100+ Movie Scenes for you to jump into.  Watch your coworkers and friends act in their favorite Hollywood film.  Download them for a laugh.

Professional Photo Booth Rentals
Photo Booth Studio

We bring the backdrop and take fantastic photos of your guests.  We also have great software that adds fun photo effects.  We have a wide variety of frames and photo sizes.

Done Video & Photography Services
Drone Video/Photos

Take you Videos and Photos to a whole new height!  Let our experienced pilots bring you ideas up and over the top.

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