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Digital Graffiti Wall

It looks like Spray Paint but it won't get your hands Dirty!
People are Amazed that Paint isn't actually coming out of the cans!

This Graffiti Wall always draws the Crowd in!  It uses an Advanced Camera System that tracks the Infrared Spray Cans to make it seem like you are actually spraying on a wall.  There is a speaker system that produces a Spraying Sound every time you depress the nozzle.  Everyone wants to try it out and to see how it works.  There is also special Stamps and Stencils you can use to enhance your Work of Art.  Our Instructors will show you how to make your Vision come to Life!  Everyone gets a framed 5x7" picture to take home.  The backgrounds can be Customized with Text and a Logo.  Digital copies of all the Artwork are given at the end of the event.

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