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Laser Tag

Fantastic fun without the pain of paintball...
Our Laser Tag system is used by military groups to train their soldiers.

Our State-of-the-art Laser Tag system combines a Focused Infrared Light with Advanced Electronics and a Radio-Feedback system.  The Laser Tag Guns can fire accurately at a range of over 100 yards.  Each Laser Tag Gun can simulate 69 different real world weapons.  All of our weapons are equipped with  Red-Dot Laser Scopes that make it easy to line up your target.  All matches are run by at least two Refs (one at each base).  Once you are hit five times your gun will make an audible groan and go inactive.  The refs will "revive" you and bring you back into the game (nobody is left sitting on the sidelines).  The system keeps track of the number of "revivals" for each team as well as a host of other stats.  The number of "revivals" for each team will ultimately determine the winner of the battle.

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