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Outdoor Movies

Sit Back and Relax while Watching your Favorite Movie on the Big Screen.
We offer Big Screen Movies and a Drive-In Movie Option!

You thought your 50" screen was big... let us bring you 40 feet wide of viewing pleasure.  You will enjoy the large high-definition picture and will be immersed in sound from our powered PA speakers.  Stop squinting at your puny screen and watch movies the way they were meant to be enjoyed!!  The same great set up works fantastically for a huge gaming experience.   Request our popcorn machine for that authentic theater experience.


DRIVE IN MOVIE Option:   Features a broadcast system that allows people to pull up in their cars and tune the movie in through their car stereo.  A great fun summer option for the whole family!


MOVIE LICENSE:  If you want to show a copyrighted movie to the general public, you need to get a movie license.  This applies to both indoor and outdoor movies.  We can help you obtain your desired film.

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